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Translates an MPS file into an equivalent short generic GAMS program using a GDX file to store data. A number of solver specific extensions often used by CPLEX, MOSEK, OSL and XPRESS are recognized. Recently introduced QP extensions QMATRIX, QUADOBJ, QSECTION and NAME/QSECTION/ENDATA are recognized as well. Currently all Qsections are assumed to belong to the objective function only (quadratic constraints are added to the objective function. The Mosek CSECTION extensions for QUAD and RQUAD cones are recognized as well.


mps2gms mpsfile [ gdxfile gmsfile [key=value] ]

The MPS file is read in free format (no blanks in names). Row and column names can have up to 63 characters and are tested for case sensitivity because row and column names become GAMS set members.

GAMS Data Exchange (GDX) files, MPS files and matching GAMS source code can be written. Minimizing is the default.

If no optimization direction is given, minimization will be assumed.

MPS files may contain multiple section and objective functions. If none are specified the first one encountered will be used. Those keys are the same as the MPS type or section names: NAME, N, RHS, RANGES and BOUNDS.

Quick guide to parameters:

Key Description
MPS MPS file
GDX GDX file
GMS Name of GAMS program output file
NAME name of MPS name section
N name of objective function row
RHS name of MPS Rhs section
RANGES name of MPS Range section
BOUNDS name of MPS Bounds section
MPSout rewritten MPS file file
Trace debugging options


mps2gms old.mps MpsOut=new.mps
mps2gms old.mps old.gdx old.gms RHS=somerhs N=MYOBJ
mps2gms old.mps old.gdx old.gms Name=MYModel