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def domain_checking.get_data_text ()

Variables = GamsWorkspace(system_directory = sys.argv[1])
list domain_checking.plants = [ "Seattle", "San-Diego" ]
list = [ "New-York", "Chicago", "Topeka" ]
dictionary domain_checking.capacity = { "Seattle": 350.0, "San-Diego": 600.0 }
dictionary domain_checking.demand = { "New-York": 325.0, "Chicago": 300.0, "Topeka": 275.0 }
dictionary domain_checking.distance
 domain_checking.db = ws.add_database()
 domain_checking.i = db.add_set("i", 1, "canning plants")
 domain_checking.j = GamsSet(db, "j", 1, "markets")
 domain_checking.a = db.add_parameter_dc("a", [i], "capacity at plant")
 domain_checking.b = db.add_parameter_dc("b", ["j"], "demand at market j in cases")
 domain_checking.d = db.add_parameter_dc("d",[i,j], "distance in thousands of miles")
int domain_checking.dv_cnt = 0
bool domain_checking.saw_exception = False
 domain_checking.db2 = ws.add_database_from_gdx("test.gdx")
 domain_checking.d2 = db2.get_parameter("d")
 domain_checking.j_alias = ws.add_job_from_string(get_data_text())
 domain_checking.ii = j_alias.out_db.get_set("ii")
 domain_checking.test_db = ws.add_database()
 domain_checking.test_set = test_db.add_set("test", 1)

Detailed Description

Enforcing referential integrity also known in the GAMS lingo as domain checking is an essential and important part of GAMS. The Object- oriented API does a delayed domain checking of symbols. So you can add records to a domain controlled parameter (e.g. p(i)) even though the GamsSet i does not contain the label (yet). The user can trigger an explicit check of the referential integrity by calling the GamsDatabase.check_domains (or GamsSymbol.check_domains) method. The Object- oriented API provides methods to access the records that violate the referential integrity (see GamsDatabaseDomainViolation for details). Domain checking is implicitly done when the GamsDatabase is exported to a GDX file via the GamsDatabase.export method or for databases provided in the method. The implicit domain check can be suppressed (and left to GAMS when importing data) via the GamsDatabase.suppress_auto_domain_checking property. This example demonstrates how to trigger domain checking and how to access the records that violate the referential integrity.

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