special_values.py File Reference

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def special_values.get_model ()


 special_values.ws = GamsWorkspace(system_directory = sys.argv[1])
 special_values.dbIn = ws.add_database(in_model_name = "myDB")
 special_values.gj = ws.add_job_from_string(get_model())
 special_values.dbOut = gj.out_db
 special_values.GUndef = dbOut["GUndef"].first_record().value
 special_values.GNA = dbOut["GNA"].first_record().value
 special_values.GPInf = dbOut["GPInf"].first_record().value
 special_values.GMInf = dbOut["GMInf"].first_record().value
 special_values.GEps = dbOut["GEps"].first_record().value

Detailed Description

This example shows how special values of the programming language (e.g. infinity) percolate down to GAMS. Infinity and NaN (not a number) are well defined. The GAMS Undefined and EPS need special considerations.

Definition in file special_values.py.