Installation Notes

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The gams IDE can be installed in any directory of your choice; this directory can be set to read-only after the installation is complete.


In addition to the standard GAMS files, the IDE is comprised of the following files:



the IDE


the help file


During installation, a few additional files and directories are created in the user's My Documents directory.



initial project directory


system settings


initial project file


The gamsdir directory is created in the user's My Documents directory. The files gamside.ini and project.gpr are created in the gamsdir directory.


The installation process also registers the .gpr and .gms file extensions so you can launch the GAMSIDE by clicking on a GAMS project file or GAMS model file. Additional extensions can be added using MainWindow: File | Options | File extensions.


If the My Documents directory is not suitable to store the gamside.ini file, a new location can be specified as a parameter when executing gamside.exe. The file name gamside.ini is required to be recognized as the initialization file. A new directory can be specified when creating a windows shortcut to the executable.


For example: when the executable is located in the directory \\server\gams, and the initialization is located in c:\Local Users, the Target in shortcut can be specified as:


\\server\gams\gamside.exe "c:\Local Users\gamside.ini"


The file idecfg.ini in the GAMS system directory can be used to add menu items to the main menu in order to display a document, a logo and to select model libraries