GAMS Engine Fact Sheet and Pricing Information


What is GAMS Engine?

GAMS Engine is a server software that allows you to run GAMS models on centralised compute resources, either on-premise or in the cloud. Engine is accessed via a gateway service (the “broker” in Engine terminology) which provides a REST API . The broker accepts jobs sent from a range of clients (GAMS Studio , MIRO Desktop , MIRO Server , or custom clients written in Python, Java, or other programming languages supported by the OpenAPI standard). It also provides a simple web user interface , which allows submitting jobs and user administration. Jobs submitted via the broker are placed in a queue, and from there they assigned to available GAMS workers. Results from the workers are collected by the broker and made available to the user.

For detailed instrcutions of how to connect to the GAMS Engine broker with all the available clients, please visit

What are the advantages of using Engine?

Several benefits make centralized computing attractive for organizations:

  1. Centralized resources are typically much more powerful than end user equipment. This allows scheduling of resource hungry optimization jobs from small laptops or desktop computers. With sufficiently potent central resources, even parallel computing of multiple big jobs becomes possible.
  2. In scenarios where many different users need to run optimization jobs, license administration becomes much easier with a centralized solution, compared to individually named user licenses. With Engine, the number of users does not count towards the license fees.
  3. Before GAMS Engine, IT departments had to develop their own solutions to make use of the benefits of centralized computing with GAMS. With GAMS Engine, the implementation needs less IT know-how and resources.

Learn more about GAMS Engine and how to install it at the documentation center:

Pricing Information

These are the individual components of a typical GAMS Engine installation:

GAMS Engine Component (mandatory)

Provides the broker, job queue, and UI with user management.

GAMS machine based license (mandatory)

The GAMS license is linked to the Engine installation - it cannot be used outside of Engine! The price depends on the selected solver components.

MIRO connector (optional)

Allows access to GAMS Engine from MIRO applications and is needed for MIRO Desktop and for MIRO Server, respectively.

All our available clients are open source and free of charge, so you can use as many of them as you like without incuring any extra cost.

Pricing Structure and Examples

GAMS Engine licenses are available on an annual basis only. Here are a few examples for fairly typical installation scenarios (single machine, 1 socket):

Price Example 1

Regular Pricing

Component Annual Lease
GAMS/Engine $10,000
GAMS/Base $3,200
TOTAL $22,800

Price Example 2

Regular Pricing

Component Annual Lease
MIRO Connector$3,200
TOTAL $19,600

Price Example 3

Academic Pricing

Component Annual Lease
GAMS/Engine $2,000
GAMS/Base $640
MIRO Connector $0
TOTAL $3,280

Please email us at to request a detailed quote or an evaluation copy.